59 Days of Flying Tibetan Flag to Mark 59th Tibetan National Uprising Day in US

The Tibetan National flag which is banned in Tibet by China is a symbol of support and solidarity for the Tibetan cause across the world. Tibetan National Uprising day is will see demonstrations and rallies across the world flying high the Tibetan flags and placard protesting the illegal annexation of Tibet by China.

While the March 10 is a commemoration day of the Tibetan National Uprising in 1959 when Tibetans rose up against the heavily armed Chinese armies in Tibet that led to the death of more than a million Tibetans, it is also a day to raise the voice against the Chinese invasion by lobbying across the world by Tibetans and Tibet supporters.

In a unique event commemorating Tibetan Nation Uprising day in Massachusetts’s Northampton, the Tibetan National flag will be flown for 59 days in the city’s downtown area.

“Organized by the Tibetan Community of Western Massachusetts and the University of Massachusetts Students for a Free Tibet, the event reflects on the 1959 uprising in which Tibetans revolted against Chinese rule in Lhasa. The uprising resulted in the deaths of thousands of Tibetans.” said the report in the Mass Live.

The event which will be attended by Mayor David Narkewicz, will witness a prayer vigil to bring awareness about the atrocities being imposed against the Tibetans under Chinese rule will be held at First Churches of Northampton on Saturday.

“Additionally, the Tibetan flag is to be erected in the city’s downtown area and will be flown for 59 days to commemorate the 59 years since the rebellion.” added the report.

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