Only 60 Tibetans Escaped Into Exile During 2017

With the declining number of Tibetans arriving into exile from Tibet with the passing year, only around 60 people have been registered to have escaped into exile in the past year according to the register of the Tibetan Reception Centre for New Arrivals, Dharamshala. This is around 40% less than the number people that have escape in the previous year.

“According to the response from Mr. Palden Dhondup, Director of the Tibetan Reception Centre in Dharamshala, around 60 Tibetans both lay and monastic people alike aged between 6 and 40 during January 2017 to December 2017. As per the objectives of the institution, around 20 monks and nuns age around 6 were sent to monasteries while 20 others were sent to the Tibetan Transit School in Dharamshala and TCV School, Suja as per their age. The rest of them after providing necessary documents of asylum are making livelihoods of their own.” said the report in Tibet Times.

Though there were no one tested for the HIV infection among the 60 Tibetans arrived at the reception centre last year, the director has informed that some of the new arrivals required serious medical attention while many cases of Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B were found among them.

Mr. Palden Dhundup according to the report believes that small health care centers in remotes areas in China occupied Tibet seems to be excessively prescribing pain killers on any complaint for temporary relief. This ultimately has caused many other problems in these people.

Following the tightened grip of Tibetans inside Tibet by China during the Beijing Olympics and post that event, Tibetans fleeing into exile after 2008 drastically reduced. During that period, Tibetans even shot at site while trying to escape by the Chinese border forces as recorded and testified by foreign tourists present at the spot.

Tibetan Reception Centre for New Arrivals Dharamsala
Tibetan Reception Centre for New Arrivals Dharamsala

According to the report, while there 3129 escapees in 2005, the decline in the number since 2008 is very steep, i.e., 753 Tibetans in the year 2011, 150 Tibetans in the year 2013 and only 100 Tibetans in the year 2016.

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