A Hero

This mind of us is dirty, 
this place of earth is polluted. 
Who doesn't want to be a HERO??? 
But it is not easy to be it. 
Being has milestones to cross 
across and append in head,
the pains and the senses 
that no one wishes to see. 
You have.
A HERO may be a puppet, 
displayed in the guise of an unreality,
Illusion luring the sight of every common being, 
They want you smiling as you are the HERO, 
You shouldn't be having any misery of a natural human.
It is not wise of you to be smart, 
sneak around in the world,
While you are the HERO, 
not a common human but a public property!!!
It is the HERO who has a place in the heart of Millions.

And it is not easy to be a HERO 
because million heart is not singular...

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Editor TJ

Editor at Tibetan Journal, News/Reviews/Opinions

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