Banaras Hindu University Puts Special Status for Tibetan Students

One of the premier Universities in India, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in a welcome move has given a special consideration to the Tibetan students. The University has relaxed Tibetan students from paying tuition fees as foreigners and they will now pay same as Indians, relieving the financial burden of Tibetan refugees.

According to the report published in Tibetan language by the Tibet Times, BHU in a circular regarding new admissions, declared that prospective Tibetan students will be considered on their special status as refugees. The university has relaxed Tibetans from paying tuition fees equivalent to foreigners. Now the Tibetan students will have to pay tuition fees same as the Indians while they will also be exempted from having take all India entrance exams as the Indians.

There are around 30 Tibetans studying at the University engaged different fields of studies. According to the students ordeal, every year almost half of successfully admitted students used to withdraw their application due to high tuition fees.

Since Tibetans are not citizens of the country, they are usually treated under foreigners category in places like Delhi University and Banaras Hindu University, Tibetan students face high tuition fees as per foreign students. However, the special consideration given by BHU, one of highly reputed institutions in the country will immensely benefit them.

Image courtesy/Tibet Times: Tibetan students at the university posing in for a group picture in the campus

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