Xi Jingping Regime Continues To White Wash China’s Tibet Invasion

Xi Jingping regime continues to white wash China’s Tibet invasion according to the latest article in the Human Rights Watch suggestions. The Chinese invasion of Tibet that is linked with the complete destruction of the Tibetan culture and forced infusion of Chinese culture in Tibet has been defended as a form of liberation by China and the present regime continues holding on to it.

When the whole world was changing from colonialism to modern democratic system, China led by Mao’s communist government was extending its expansionist policies to its peaceful neighboring countries. After China invaded Tibet in 1959, it has been making the propaganda of having liberated the Tibetans from the cruel feudal system in the ancient Tibet and developed the country by consolidating to its inseparable mother, mainland China.

Despite the Chinese invasion of Tibet as associated with severe human rights violation against Tibetans and destruction of deeply rooted Tibetan culture, Chinese effort to white wash its misdeeds in front of the world succeeded to keep it going even today. The article from Human Rights Watch China director Sophie Richardson says that the present Chinese government under Xi Jingping continues to white wash China’s past oppression in Tibet.

“Addressing its abusive past has never been a strength for the Chinese Communist Party, particularly in hotspots like Tibet. If anything, the party has become increasingly strident in defending its record in that region.” said the article by Richardson in HRW. It talks about an article written in praise of the recently died Chinese political commissar to Tibet during the cultural revolution in 1960s, Ren Rong by his protégé Radgi.

While the oppression imposed upon the Tibetans in Tibet during the cultural revolution by Rong and others, overseeing the suppression of the 1969 uprisings across the Tibet Autonomous Region and the imposition of martial law in 1970, executing thousands, Rong became the party president following that year.

“Yet Rong’s and others’ rule was so heavy-handed it prompted a rare public apology by the party’s general secretary, Hu Yaobang, during a 1980 visit to the Tibetan capital, Lhasa.” said the article. It said that Hu had promised a change, saying that he will look to remove half of the Chinese party members and government staff, Ren Rong from Tibet, “Yet the party never acknowledged Hu’s initiative, which was later emphatically reversed”.

“His eulogy, written in the name of Ragdi, one of his protégés, lauds his, “sweat, determination and…glorious deeds.”  It concludes with no apparent irony that the, “masses of all nationalities in Tibet can never forget him.” The decision to honor a strongman associated with one of the darkest chapters of Maoist rule suggests an ever-bolder approach by the Communist Party under President Xi Jinping to whitewash history, the history that fuels unrest in Tibet to this day.” concluding that the Xi Jingping regime continues to white wash China’s Tibet invasion.

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