Body Split Into 2 By Truck Youth Assures To Donate His Organ

In Bengaluru on 16th February early morning, a youth travelling by his two wheeler was hit by a truck trying to overtake and the man was cut into two halves after he fell under the wheels of the truck.

The youth who’s name is Harish Nanjapa, 23 was returning from his native in the outskirts of Bengaluru city after casting his vote in the local elections. The victim died after around 20-30 minutes of the accident.

The truck driver, Varadaraj is under custody and he has been booked for causing death through rash driving.

The truck carrying sugar bags when tried to overtake the bajaj pulsar ridden by Harrish brushed against the motorcycle according to the police which forced Harish under the wheels of the truck. This resulted to splitting of his upper and lower body from the torso. Besides, Harish was still alive and he managed to ask the crowd gathered at the scene to contact his mother and his brother. The crowd informed the police too and the police called for ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived after 10 minutes, Harish told them to donate his organs! This is a very unusually super heroic move from the victim. It is not even unimaginable for any of us about how much pain he would be going through and yet this brave heart was concerned about the well being of others.

“We’ve collected Harish’s eyes as he was keen on donating his organs. It’s astounding how a man who was split into two and lying on the road was able to think with such clarity. It’s unheard of. He did not suffer head injuries because he was wearing a helmet,” said Dr Bhujang Shetty, chairman, Narayana Netralaya where the harvest took place.

Tibetan Journal salutes the spirit of the young brave heart. We are left out speechless with your divinely death. Fare Well!

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