Branded Terrorists that harm no others: Tibetan Self Immolators

Two more young Tibetans self immolates and this time in the middle of Tibetan capital, Lhasa this Sunday. The Jokhang Temple which is one surrounded by Barkhor market; which is the busiest and hottest spot in Lhasa for all sorts of visitors ranging from tourists to pilgrims to the merchants. This twin self immolation on 27th May took place in the midst of this busy spot amid of tight security by the police and military scrutiny.

Tobgye Tseten from Gansu province passed away from the practice and Dargye from Abha is hospitalized and they account to the first reaction from the capital to the self immolation practices that has been taking place in other parts of the country.

Often the word terrorism is defined as any sort of activities or behaviors used as a means of coercion to achieve ones’ demand by threatening the world with the use of violence against the public and common people. But during the last several months we have seen a new definition for the word terrorism that is nearly going to replace the term self immolation, as far as the Chinese officials are concerned!

While the Tibetans and the people across the world are going through the trauma of losing any other man through the practice of self immolation inside and outside of Tibet, the official statements from the Chinese government so easily started calling the actions a form of Terrorism and has never stated any willingness to see into the issue! So, if such form of government of is governing a very large proportion of the world population, the world is at furious threat!

Following the protests in the form of self immolation against the absence of religious rights, human rights and repression, what we are seeing is even tighter repression, banning of religious activities during the most important times of religious significance, etc!

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