Can You Modify Your Car In India?

In India modified cars are much rarely seen on the roads and many people are unaware of the legalities behind doing one. The modification of your car is not as easy as you might contemplate. According to a news article in India Times, there are some guidelines on how to get your car modified into a fancy one.

If you are unaware of the legalities behind modifying your own car, you might end up with your fancy car being seized and thrown to scrap by the authorities. Here is how you can get your car modified:

Make a plan for the modification and get it approved by your car maker. It does not matter how much you have paid for your car, it still needs to be approved by the maker.(Sigh…)

If luckily approved, you have to modify if according to the plan and it should strictly adhere to it.(Ufff…)

And then again the modified car has to be approved by the maker!

After the maker approves it, your fancy car should be certified by one of the three government-approved certifying agencies.

Then finally, your Regional Transport Office should certify your fancy to be able to ply on the road without any worries.

This is a long process and it should make you shell out a whole lot of money not just for the modification but also for process to make your modification legal. However, it is a yes you can modify your car in India!

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