China Arrests Tibetan Student Complaining Lack of Govt Job

A Tibetan student was detained by the Chinese authorities in Tibet after he wrote an article about lack of government job opportunity Tibetans. The student has been been taken away from his college since the beginning of the April and not heard of till now according to the report in Radio Free Asia.

“Chinese authorities have detained a Tibetan student after an essay he wrote for his civil service exam lamenting a declining number of government job opportunities for Tibetans in Tibetan regions of China went viral on social media.” said the report in RFA translated from Tibetan language.

Sonam is a Tibetan master’s degree candidate at Northwest Minzu University in Gansu province’s Lanzhou city and he has been reportedly dragged out of the class at the beginning of this Month and the officials have held him since. The Tibetan student wrote the article in Chinese and it has been widely shared on the social media.

According to the report, while the Chinese government claims to have created many jobs in Tibet, only 210  Tibetan graduates were selected out of 70,000 to sit for the entrance test for the civil service exams this year. Many of those who graduated in 2018 from Tibetan areas are still without jobs.

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