China Can Not Afford War With India, Only Compromise Says Dalai Lama

China can not afford war with India, it should compromise said His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently in New Delhi. He said that China will have to keep ‘Tibet’ in mind before a war with India. He further said that India has been growing militarily and China is advised not to take India lightly. Adding further he warned the Chinese that taking on India in war may not be as easy as it thinks.

He also alluded that the Chinese will have to face tough time in occupied Tibet in such a conflict and it will not be easy for them to fight war on two fronts. Talking about his recent Arunachal visit he said that Chinese reaction was really unusual.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama while playing down any such conflict between the two Asian giants. He added that the situation inside Tibet mitigates such a possibility.

The Dalai Lama was speaking at an event in New Delhi and this goes in continuation of increased public engagements with Tibetan leaders. He further said, “I asked Indian authorities before the visit and they said go ahead”. He was mindful of not making the situation worse between the two countries.

Appreciating India’s recent gains in military strengths he said that India has become stronger and the only option for China is ‘compromise’. He said “India is not a small country. It is gaining military power. So the only thing is compromise. The Chinese have to think about the situation inside Tibet when it comes to conflict with India”

India has made rapid strides in military strength and has been adding more advanced weaponry in its arsenal. China is also rapidly modernizing its military and has recently said that it will build more aircraft carriers. This appears to be in line with its ambition to be a true blue navy. However China is still far behind USA and even European countries when it comes to warfare technology.

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