China Exporting Abusive Tibet Policies To Xinjiang, Says Human Rights Watch

New Delhi: China has long been exercising abusive policies in Tibet and has prevalently committed serious human rights violations. A new article by the Human Rights Watch claims that China is “exporting the same abusive policies it has been using in Tibet to Xinjiang, the ethnic Uyghur region.”.

Despite international condemnation, China has swiftly cracked down on dissent and has maintained that its approaches to Tibet and Xinjiang will be the same, with the same objectives.

The Human Rights Watch quoted Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) party secretary Wu Yingje who, in October, said, “There are many effective methods of stability maintenance developed from Xinjiang’s precious experience that should be studied and emulated.”

China has repeatedly associated the Uyghur identity with terrorism and separatism. Voices of dissent have been suppressed by the Centre and little has been done to alleviate grievances of the public.

“Since 2011, authorities in Tibet have placed permanent teams of Communist Party officials in every religious institution to oversee daily management of religion,” the article mentions.

The Human Rights Watch also expressed fear that surveillance and control in Tibet will become more intrusive in the coming days. Albeit Tibet has been witnessing self-immolations in protest over the repressive polices exercised by China, it has only viewed this phenomenon as a separatist activity.

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