China Forced Taiwan Pop Star To Apologize For Waving Taiwan Flag

Chou Tzu-yu, a 16 year old Taiwanese pop star was forced to make an apology to China for waving Taiwan flag on Korean Television. The singer was seen holding a small Taiwan flag alongside a Korean flag to identify herself as a Taiwanese pop star on the Korean Television. This led to her accusing of standing out for Taiwan independence.

Chou was made to issue an 87-second video of her apology with following statement.

“I’m sorry, I should have come out earlier to apologize,” she said. “I didn’t come out until now because I didn’t know how to face the situation and the public.”

“There is only one China,” she said. “I am proud I am Chinese. As a Chinese person, while participating in activities abroad, my improper behavior hurt my company and netizens on both sides of the Strait. I feel deeply sorry and guilty. I decided to reflect on myself seriously and suspend all my activities in China.”

Taiwan Popstar forced to apologise
Taiwan Popstar forced to apologize

This incident has infuriated large number of Taiwanese across the world. Notably, the out-going president of Taiwan, Ma told that she had done nothing wrong and told the episode of demanding apology as ‘unjust and unacceptable’. Many people from mainland China also expressed their support for Chou.

This is a perfect example of the situation of Tibetans across the world and more importantly of those inside Tibet. This incident depicts how the Chinese authorities are repressing the basic human rights of the people within their territory of control.

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