China Orders Tibetan Pilgrims to Return Within 3 Days

Many Tibetans from inside China controlled Tibet are visiting Nepal on pilgrims during the coldest season. However, there is a report in the Tibet Times that China has ordered the Tibetan pilgrims to return within three days or face serious consequences such as total ban on their return!

There were far less Tibetans from Tibet able to travel to Nepal and India on pilgrimages to various Buddhist sites due to travel restrictions imposed against the Tibetans. During the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Bodhgaya this year, there were relatively far less Tibetans attending it.

While some Tibetans from few parts of Tibet were able to acquire the Chinese passports for Tibetans to travel out of the country, they are reportedly charged an amount of 6000 Chinese currency per person for flights to Nepal. However, their travels have also been abruptly denied and their money haven’t been refunded full.

In addition to that, those people who have already reached Nepal or India on pilgrimages have been informed through their relatives in Tibet to return within three days. The order also warned that those failing to return in the given time will face invalidation of their passports which will be done online and they will not be allowed to return!

Tibetans are subjected ethnic suppression where they face serious hurdles to obtain passports for travels abroad. When thousands of Tibetans from Tibet attended the Kalachakara teaching by His Holiness the Dalai lama in India, their passports were snatched back.

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