China Planning To Divert Brahmaputra River From India

China planning to divert the Brahmaputra river from India according to the latest reports. Against the odds of hopes to resolving the border issues between the two asian giants, China is evidently working at a plan to divert the Brahmaputra river water from region very close to entering the Indian territory.

“Top scientists backed by the ruling Communist Party of China are working on a plan to drain the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) river near the Indian border and divert the water through a 1,000-km tunnel, the world’s longest, to arid Xinjiang.” said the news report from Hindustan Times.

Citing the significance of the river’s continual flow throughout its tributaries, the report added “The Tsangpo flows into India through Arunachal Pradesh as the Siang before becoming the Brahmaputra in Assam – the source of life and livelihood for millions in the country’s northeast.”

The project is said to be in the blueprint stage and according to the report, the tunnel project has been submitted to the government since March. The project if implemented to actually transfer the river water to other territories under China could significantly induce a serious water crisis in India’s north eastern region where millions depend on the river water originating from Tibet for their livelihood!

“A “rehearsal” for the 1000-km tunnel has begun with the building of a tunnel that will be more than 600 km long in Yunnan province in southwestern China. Work on this tunnel started in August and it will comprise more than 60 sections, each wide enough to accommodate two high-speed trains.” said the report which also explained that successful construction of the 1000-km tunnel from Brahmaputra, Xinjiang would boom like California!

The scientists are aware India and Bangladesh would protest against the project but are ready to implement it anyway according to the report!

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