China Puts A New Communist Party Secretary In Tibet

In the fresh reshuffle in the senior posts by the Chinese Communist leadership, a new cadre responsible for the political control of the most debated region Tibet has been put in place. While at the same time the reshuffle has also been done for Yunnan and Hunan.
A Han Chinese, Wu Yingjie has been put in the charge as Tibet’s Communist Party secretary while his predecessor Chen Quango has been provided with the responsibility of the far west Xinjiang according to the Xinhua reports.

“Mr Wu (59) has been deputy party chief in the Himalayan region since 2011, and has been based there since 1974. He worked on farms and at a power plant there before doing his university degree in the provincial capital Lhasa.” according to reports.

The Tibet Autonomous Region which the Chinese government claims to be the autonomous Tibet comes under his authority and the region has been under severe political unrest over the last five decades.

After China claimed control of Tibet in 1959 announcing that Tibet has always been an integral part of China, Tibetans by all default means revolted against it upon the well based truth of an Independent Tibet since the beginning.

In a strategy to deal with the serious issue, China formed a Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) which marked away a large section of integral Tibetan region to mainland China while at the same time the complete political control of the region also remained with the party.

More than 140 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest in Tibetan regions since 2009, starting in Ngaba County, a focal point for demonstrations against Beijing’s rule besides many other forms of protests and demonstrations against the government.

The recent policies revealed by certain authorities of Tibetan regions in China laid out strict rules against the ongoing protests by Tibetans in addition to the extreme charges they put upon the Tibetan protesters. More surprisingly, they has criminalised self immolation carried out by the Tibetans!

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