China Removed a Record 13,000 Websites in the Past Three Years 

The Chinese government has successfully removed more than 13,000 websites in the past three years, highlighting the country’s tough stance on the cyberspace. Ironically, despite this crackdown upon a fluid online space, the Chinese government has garnered support from the public for its stringent actions.

Critics of the cyber crackdown said that the development highlights how China is trying to restrict freedom of speech which in turn will lead to the possibility of the public criticizing the Communist Party. However, on the other side, the Chinese government maintains that it removes websites which incite social instability and threaten national security. The Communist Party has also stressed that it will prevent the spread of rampant pornography and graphic content on the internet.

“Internet security concerns the party’s long-term hold on power, the country’s long-term peace and stability, socio-economic development and the people’s personal interests,” state-run agency Xinhua stated on the development.

Not only was the target made of websites which were violating China’s cyber security laws, almost 10 million accounts were also closed. Although the details of the closed accounts have not been provided, it is most likely that they were all social media accounts.

An online survey revealed that more than 90% of the people sided with the government’s effort to remove harmful content online. 63.5% people believed that harmful content which was purportedly widespread has been drastically reduced.

The Cyberspace Administration of China has also summoned more than 2,200 website operators within a period of 3 years.

Authorities including the Cyberspace Administration of China have summoned more than 2,200 websites operators for talks during the same period, he said.

Users who refuse to give their names or reveal their identity on social media have their accounts eventually removed by the agents in cyber space.

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