China Shocked At Finding Its Party Members Supporting Dalai Lama!

China shocked at finding its own party members supporting the Dalai Lama in exile! In a surprising development the Communist Party of China said that some of its own party members and officials in occupied Tibet Autonomous Region are clandestinely supporting His Holiness the Dalai Lama. However the party has not named the officials.

The party also accused these officials of leaking secrets overseas. They were also accused of funding and joining ‘separatist’ organizations.

A party magazine said that their activity “severely undermines the Party’s fight against separatism”.  In recent months such ‘separatist’ tendencies have been on the rise in occupied Tibet which the Chinese call Tibet Autonomous region.

These accusations though rare are not unprecedented. It has taken actions against corrupt officials as well. But this time it assumes far greater importance as it is the members of the CPC which have been accused of ‘conniving’ with the Dalai Lama.

Wang Yongjun , head of discipline committee, The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection,  said “Some Party officials have neglected important political issues and the country’s anti-separatist struggle”. He also said that some members have failed to uphold the political integrity.

Tibet has been restive for past many years. However in recent months it has been in news for regular defiance of Chinese authority. The number of self-immolations has been on the rise. The Chinese have tightened the control on religion that has understandably irked the Tibetans who are deeply religious rooted.

Though the party has not revealed the ethnicity of the erring officials but it appears very certain that they are of Tibetan Origin. Tibet is certainly growing tense with every step of the Chinese government to manipulate its culture, language and religion. Unfortunately the western media has kind of blacked out on Tibet as they do not want to confront an assertive China.

The Chinese must stop interfering with Tibetan culture and religion.

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