China Sought Nepal’s Cooperation In Stopping “Free Tibet” Activities

Chief of the People’s Liberation Army General Fang met with┬áNepal’s army chief, General Rajendra Chhettri, who is on a visit to China, sought further cooperation from Nepal to stop “Free Tibet” activities in Nepal.

General Chhettri left for Beijing on Sunday, the same day┬áPrime Minister KP Sharma Oli returned home from a week long visit to China where he had met with President Xi who expressed China’s willingness to extend long term bilateral strategic relations with Nepal.

“Chinese media has stated that Xu urged the Nepal army chief to increase strategic cooperation for regional peace and stability, as part of implementation of the political understanding reached between Prime Minister Oli and the Chinese leadership.” said a report in My Republica.

Xu is the chief of defence affairs at the Central Military Commission (CMC), which is headed by President Xi, while chief of the People’s Liberation Army General Fang Fengui is a member of the commission.

“Xu, at the meeting on Tuesday, thanked the Nepal army for its success in controlling anti-China activities in Nepal and sought further cooperation in defence, security, exchange of information, humanitarian cooperation and disaster management.” said the report.

In response to the Chinese request, Chhettri reassured Nepal’s firm commitment to One-China policy and assured at not allowing any anti-China activities in Nepal.

In appreciation to the extensive support extended by China to Nepal aftermath the Earthquakes last year, Chhettri assured that Nepali army is always ready to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

The two sides even signed an agreement worth around 30 million yuan wherein the Chinese army will help Nepal army with their training, emergency services and mobile hospital operations.

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