China State Media Calls Indian Official Cynical, Asks to Accept Asymmetry in Ties

Global Times, the mouth piece of China’s ruling party has called Indian officials cynical and reluctant to accept the asymmetry in the relationship. The newspaper run by Chinese Communist Party also said that in order to realize the true potential of the relationship between the two neighbors, India must accept the asymmetry in the two countries.

It also said that India’s foreign affairs officials are “pessimistic” and “cynical”, and exhorted India to capture the ‘shifting dynamics’ between the two countries. Of late this has been a trend that every time India grabs global attention, most recently for record breaking launch of 104 satellites, China is quick to remind India the difference in the stature. Chinese Economy is about 4 times the size of Indian economy but they also forget that there is still a wide gap between USA and itself which by military might is way ahead of China whereas most Chinese including the editorial team of Global Times seem to believe that China has achieved parity with USA, a true superpower. For example, China doesn’t yet have a true Blue Water Navy and it can’t project its power in the Atlantic or even in Indian Ocean where India is still able to block its major trade lines.

China through its mouth piece asked India to understand that the asymmetry in is natural for any bilateral relation,” an article in the website of Global Times said.

On February 22nd, a strategic dialogue took place between the officials of two countries aimed at improving ties. There are several differences between India and China and the ties are currently going through a bad phase. It has accentuated after continued Chinese efforts to block India’s efforts to designate JeM chief Masood Ajhar as an international terrorist at the United Nations. Also, China has been blocking India’s entry in NSG, The Nuclear Suppliers Group which takes its decision by consensus.

China asked India to look at the convergences more and not focus on divergences. It is indeed appalling that it sees Masood Ajhar episode as something can can be overseen, a terrorist responsible for loss of several Indian lives.

In a blatant act of narcissism China asked India to learn from itself and said that it has complained about taking a back seat in relationship with China for long and this pragmatism helped it to catch up quickly. While anyone with decent knowledge about world affairs will say that China is yet to catch up with USA and it must not live in a dream world where it has achieved parity with USA.

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