China Supports Pakistan: Says Pakistan Media

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang met in New York on 21st September. Following this the Pakistan media reported the Chinese premier’s assurance that China supports Pakistan which explains that China endorses Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir and it will continue to support Pakistan on this.

The Pakistan media called Dawn News reported that during Pakistan PM Sharif’s meeting with Chinese Premier Li in New York during the UN General Assembly, Li Keqiang had assured that China supports Pakistan and they endorse Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir.

“We support Pakistan and we will speak for Pakistan at every forum.” the reported quoted Chinese premier Li as saying in that meeting. Chinese Premier remarked that China Pakistan friendship is unbreakable.

However, according to a report in Times of India, China has distanced itself from these statements when the reporters asked the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Lu Kang.

The spokesperson has told that Premier Li and PM Sharif met on 21st September in New York where exchange views on bilateral relations as well as international and local issues of common interest when asked about the Pakistan media reports.

“The issue of Kashmir is an issue left over from history. Our stance on that is consistent. We hope that parties concerned will pursue a peaceful settlement through dialogue,” Lu said according to TOI when asked if China supports Pakistan on their stance on Kashmir.

Lu also told that China is concerned about problems in Kashmir and suggested both parties ensure the safety and normal life of the people in the region. The spokesperson told that the problem should be taken care of through peaceful means dialogue to avoid the problem from escalating.

Does China Actually Stand For Peace and Dialogue?

These suggestions given by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson seem extremely fabricated. When they suggest for resolving conflicts peacefully through dialogue between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir, they are being hypocrite. China is surround by conflicts right from inside Beijing to Tibet to Hong Kong or Taiwan. They have been indulged in a highly violent and repressive method to resolve the conflict about Tibet since 1959.

Despite the Tibetans led by the Noble Laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama proposed a middle way approach to resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue in a peaceful manner, China has not been responding! They continue to crack down all peaceful protests in Tibet violently.

China invaded Tibet in 1959 and claimed it as an integral part of China during a period when the world was getting freed from colonialism. Large number of Tibetans led by the Dalai Lama took refuge in India while the majority of population still remain within Tibet from 1959 and carried their struggle for justice against Chinese invasion across the world.

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