China Bully: It Vows To Act ‘Resolutely’ Against Dissenting Voices

China bully comes into play as it vows to act ‘resolutely’ against dissenting voices. Tibetans all over the world staged protests in major world cities marking the anniversary of the Chinese occupation of Tibet last week.  The anniversary also coincided with the annual news conference of Tibet’s delegation to China.

The Chinese government vowed to tackle any Anti-China and separatist sentiments with a greater resolve than before and said that it will take a clear stand against those who incite ‘anti-national’ feelings and that anything that is deemed to be fanning separatist sentiments.

Tibet’s governor Mr. Che Dalha said the government will ‘resolutely’ strike against His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s activities which in its opinion incite separatist feelings in Tibetans against the homeland.  He also underlined that the government is serious about protecting the frontiers and will not allow any voices of dissent against the ‘motherland’ China.

China uses very strong hands (read brutal force) in Tibet to suppress and quell anything that they consider as a threat to their authority in Tibet.  They are so sensitive to the matter that they discourage His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s visit to other countries as an act of questioning and undermining China’s despotic rule in Tibet and their infamous ‘One China’ policy.

Their sensitivity on this matter was very visible when they reacted very angrily against His Holiness’ remarks on China in a recent interview to John Oliver, a famous comedian.  China has been oppressing the religious sentiments of the Tibetan people who are very spiritual and have distinct cultural and spiritual identity, an identity so strong that even a despotic regime (Read China) has not been able to fully suppress into submission to their atheist beliefs and values.

International human rights groups and exiles routinely condemn what they call China’s oppressive rule in Tibetan areas. They say pervasive surveillance and displays of military force are being used to intimidate and quell dissent, which has included Tibetan Buddhist monks self-immolating in protest at lack of religious freedom.

Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch said that Chinese authorities were again shutting off travel and holding military parades “to bully the Tibetan population into silence”.

While the Chinese were busy in silencing the voices, The Tibet Government in exile at Dharmashala, India remembered those who lost their lives in protests of 1989 in Tibet. It also organized a prayer service for the martyrs in their remembrance.

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