China Warns Germany For Defending Tibetan Independence

China warns Germany for defending Tibetan independence during the recent event at the debut match of the Chinese U20 soccer match with Germany’s four-tier TSV Schott Mainz on Saturday. Six activists during the match demonstrated with the display of Tibetan flags which made the Chinese players to sidewalk from the play.

While the German Football Association present at the event did not intervene owing to the fact that the Tibetan flags are not banned in Germany and there is the freedom of speech in the country, China called on Germany for defending Tibetan independence and said that Germany must ensure mutual respect.

“Beijing has warned Germany of “defending Tibet independence,” saying the match host must ensure respect between the countries. The activists said they only wanted to highlight the plight of Tibetans in China.” said the report in

China’s Foreign Ministry strongly criticized the unfurling of Tibetan flags by some activists at the friendly match between the Chinese U20 team and Germany’s four-tier TSV Schott Mainz that made the Chinese players stopping from the play in their debut match.

“We are firmly opposed to any country or any individual offering support to separatist, anti-China and terrorist activities or activities defending Tibet independence, in any form or under any pretext,” China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang said during a press briefing according to the report.

“I must stress that mutual respect is what the official host should provide their guest, and that respect between any two countries should be mutual.” Kang added.

However Mr. Ronny Zimmerman, vice president of the German Football Association (DFB) who was present at the scene on Saturday dismissed the Chinese charges and clarified that such protests can not be banned as there is the right to freedom of expression in Gernmany and certain rules apply.

Instead the vice president suggested that the as a guest they should be able to handle such incidents calmly and stand above those actions.

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