Chinese Students Abroad Lead a Rare Protest Against Xi

After Xi Jingping assumed the office of President back in 2012, he has consolidated the power to now abolish the constitutional 2 time five years office term, to retain a lifelong dictatorship. However, it seems that a rare revolution is now swiftly spreading among the Chinese students abroad to protest against President Xi’s power ambition.

A poster with a picture of President written “#NotMyPresident” upon it is being circulated by Chinese students to bring about a revolutionary protest against the Chinese president’s decision to abolish the two term presidential limit. The campaign is now rapidly spreading in the social media among the Chinese population abroad despite getting banned by China’s heavy censorship!

“The first posters appeared on a bulletin board at University of California, San Diego on March 1. Two days later, they popped up at Columbia University and New York University. Now they’ve spread to nine more colleges across the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. The twin posters — one in Chinese, one in English — read, “Not my president,” the words superimposed over a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping.” said the report in the First Post on Wednesday.

This is a rare campaign coming from the Chinese citizens who are strictly monitored against all their moves and any action intended against the regime either results to serious direct consequences even leading to imprisonment against the individuals or indirectly against their family members and relatives back in the main land.

“The signs are part of a small but growing campaign among Chinese university students abroad to express their opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s proposal, announced last week, to scrap presidential term limits, paving the way for Xi to stay in power indefinitely.” added the report.

With the campaign being led by youths, it is strongly directed to convey their dissent against the consolidation of total power in a one man’s strong arm, in the form of life time dictatorship, reminding the bitterness of Mao’s era. More importantly, this campaign is about standing up and speaking against the wrong for the well being of the fellow country man they say.

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