Chinese Tourist Spent Two Weeks At German Migrant Hostel By Mistake

In a very interesting story, a Chinese tourist who was on a tour to Europe spend two weeks from his holiday at a German migrant hostel in Duelmen which is very near to the German city Dormund. The Chinese neither spoke English nor German and he mistakenly applied for an asylum when he actually wanted to make a complaint of theft when he had lost his wallet in Stuttgart.

The 31 year old Chinese backpacker when lost his wallet, he instead of going to the police, he had registered as a migrant which the Red Cross officials found later through a mandarin speaking person at a Chinese restaurant near the hostel.

The Red Cross worker Mr Schluetermann said that the tourist arrived the hostel on a bus with migrants from Dortmund in early July. Later the Red Cross official was able to make out the mistake when the tourist made statements like he wanted to go on trip abroad and visit Italy and France with the help of certain translation app.

The tourist had gone through medical check-ups, fingerprint scanning and even allowed the official to take his passport and visa without dispute.

He was given the migrant papers that all migrants get on arrival to Germany and stayed at the migrant hostel for about two weeks. He also received some cash from the hostel.

It was report that an error over the man’s visa caused the major delay in identifying the person.

He was later dismissed from the asylum application and allowed to continue his trip. According reports, the man did not angry throughout the process but simply said that he had imagined Europe to be quite different.

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