CONIFA Welcomes Team Tibet to London for World Cup

The squad of Tibetan national men’s football team has arrived in London ahead of beginning of the upcoming tournament of the Paddy Power World Football Cup 2018 earlier this week organized by the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA). CONIFA officially welcomed Team Tibet with a tweet on its official Twitter handle on Wednesday.

“Welcome to London team #Tibet! We are so delighted and so proud that you made it! Can’t wait to see you in the #WFC2018 next week.” said the official tweet of the CONIFA Twitter handle on Wednesday.

When the Tibetan National Men’s football team received blessings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama just before departing from India, His Holiness advised the young men to embrace and uphold Tibetan culture of peace, warm-heartedness and compassion for others. The Tibetan squad that comprises of 23 people were given a dinner reception by the Office of Tibet in London on their arrival.

“Tibetan culture of cultivating compassion is something marvellous. Even in our daily prayers, we wish for the happiness of entire sentient beings; that is something very unique and relevant with modern science. We should take pride in being a Tibetan. So wherever you go, it is very important that you uphold the honour and dignity of Tibet and Tibetan people. Most importantly, carry our values and culture with you as you go”. His Holiness told the team Tibet during the audience on last Friday.

The World Football Cup 2018 is scheduled to begin from 31st March 2018 with the final match is scheduled for 9 June 2018. According to the official website of the CONIFA, the tournament will witness 48 matches among 16 teams representing 5 continents and the matches are scheduled to be played in 10 different stadiums. According to the fixture of the tournament, Tibet falls under Group B where it will play against Abkhazia on March 31, Northern Cyprus on June 2 and Karpatalya on June 3 during the league matches before beginning qualifiers.

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