CTA Calls for Aid to Restore Rs. 300 Lacs Loss Due to Cyclone in Tibetan Settlement in Odisha

A representative from the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala following a visit to the Tibetan settlement in Odisha made a joint assessment of the damage caused by Cyclone Titli that affected the region on October 10. According to the assessment report, the CTA has called for an aid of Rs. 300 Lacs to restore the loss of incurred by the Tibetans in the settlement.

The following the appeal letter published by the CTA on Wednesday.

“This is to inform you all that the Odisha region in East India was met with a devastating cyclone recently and Gajapati district is one of the worst affected area. People in Phuntsokling Tibetan settlement suffered severe damage to their land, property and the harvest. The cyclonic storm Titli ripped through the Tibetan settlement, Chandragiri, in the early hours of 10th October 2018. It caused severe damages in the Tibetan settlement and destroyed the harvest of the year. The Cyclone Titli sped through southwestern part of Odisha state at 150 KM/H and swept everything on its way leaving behind huge damages and destructions.

Deputy Secretary Dhondup Tsering of Home Department, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) was sent to affected region to assess the situation. A preliminary joint assessment was conducted with the Settlement officer, and the Settlement Disaster Action Team last week. The assessment recorded:

  • That the hurricane completely destroyed 1700 acres standing corn crop and uprooted over 2481 fruit bearing trees constituting the major agriculture activity and income of the community.
  • Severe damage was caused to most of the houses. The strong gale winds blew away roofs and collapsed the walls. Cattle sheds and pens were severely damaged.
  • Fortunately, no loss to life or limb was recorded due to prompt evacuation by the action force and community and personal initiatives. The vulnerable people were evacuated and sheltered in stronger buildings and higher ground. Preliminary estimates of damage of the Cyclone Titli comes to around 30 million Indian Rupees or equivalent to US$ 409,416 USD.

The livelihood of the settlers is primarily farming and the total crop obliteration by the Cyclone has hit them hard, plunging them into great livelihood and financial difficulties. Most of the farmers are now in debt traps because the crops inputs were primarily dispensed through loans.

The Central Tibetan Relief Committee (CTRC) has organized all possible relief measures to help the people affected in the Settlement. The people are looking forward to relief measures to help them pick up the pieces and re-build their lives and homes.

CTRC sincerely appeals to all the governmental and NGOs, Associations, Organizations and Individuals to help the Administration in addressing this unfortunate natural disaster.

With our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Yours Sincerely,

Chhimey Rigzen (Mr.)

Executive Secretary.


Donations can be wired to the CTRC account provided below. Email: homesecretary@tibet.net and a copy to nangsitsekhang@tibet.net”

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Bank Account Details:
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