Despite Heavy Quake, Tibetans Celebrate New Year

Despite a heavy earth quake jolted parts of Tibet, Tibetans celebrate New Year on Sunday according to a report in the Xinhua news. Just before the onset of dawn on Saturday, a heavy earth quake with a measure of 6.9 magnitude on the Ritcher Scale in the eastern part of Tibet, the locals resumed with the ceremonials of the new year on Sunday.

“New Year celebrations have been proceeding as usual in the eastern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, where a strong earthquake struck before dawn Saturday.” said the report in the Xinhua news.

Around 6:34 AM (Beijing), the China Earthquake Networks Center recorded the earthquake and 10KM deep epicenter. The 6.9 magnitude earthquake was followed by a 5-magnitude earthquake around 8:30 AM.

Sunday was the first day of the Kongpo New Year according to the Tibetan calendar. In observing New Year customs, the locals clean their homes, dress up in festive clothes, set off fireworks and have fun.

“The quake was felt strongly in several counties in Nyingchi and caused temporary power failures in some areas, as well as leaving cracks on 1,453 houses, mostly in Manling. Some people were moved into disaster relief tents while authorities assessed the safety of houses after the quake, the Nyingchi government said on Saturday night.” reported in

“But, not to be deterred, residents of Nyingchi celebrated New Year as usual by setting off firecrackers and dancing in traditional costume on Sunday.” added the report.

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