Dharamshala’s Long Pending Cinema Theatre Now Cleared For Operation

In a great news to the people of Dharamshala, the Maximus Mall in Dharamshala which is the only cinema theatre for the tourist hub of the state has been cleared for operation. After suspending the operation of the mall for a long time, the state government finally granted the permission to operate.

The government cleared the permissions for operation after collecting a fine of Rs. 30,000 according to the reports.

There are total of three cinema halls ready for operation in Kangra district and they have been suspended from operation since long. The investors has been long huge sums of money due to this dead lock and one of these halls is that of the Maximus Mall in Dharamshala while two are in Palampur town.

“Three multiplex malls with cinema halls that have come in Kangra district involve an investment of about Rs 40 crores. The permission for making cinema halls operational in these malls was struck due to complex rules of the Himachal Pradesh Cinema (Regulation) Act, 1979.” said a report according to Chandigarh Tribune.

It is also alleged that the some influential family created the issue of granting the permission in such delay. All the three cinemas had not taken the necessary clearances from the respective public departments according to reports.

However, the fact is that we have a good news to share to either the public or the owners of the halls. The Maximus Mall in Dharamshala is now cleared for operation and everyone has got an additional way of entertainment in the beautiful town.

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