Dipping Temperatures Might Mean Better Business for Tibetan Sweater-Sellers

The arrival of New Year has brought with it, perhaps, good news for Tibetan sweater-sellers. Temperatures in the National Capital dipped to its lowest of the season as dense fog enveloped Delhi and the NCR region.

Tibetan sweater-sellers who are struggling to make sales might see a rise in the purchase after Skymet Weather said that the winter chill will continue. Tibetan sellers were earlier concerned about the onset of a late winter, resulting in warmer climate even during the month of December.

“The month of December witnessed marginally higher temperatures and the December of 2017 was one of the warmest December in the recent years. However, on the contrast, the month of January has started to show its winter traits and the minimum temperature in Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory settled at 5.7°C, Palam Observatory also recorded the low at 6.8°C which was the lowest of the season,” Skymet Weather said.

Due to dense fog, it is expected that the climate will take some time to change. The days ahead will not be sunny and the chill is supposed to prevail in the regions where fog is the heaviest.

The Gujarat elections which took place in December affected the sale of clothes for Tibetan businessmen and businesswomen. But with the weather slowly declining, it is expected that it might affect the sales which have been sluggish so far.

After 48 hours, winds are likely to once again change the direction and minimums will fall further, anticipating to even reach close to 5 degrees or lesser in the coming days. Thus, January will bring back the lost winter chill of December, the article said.

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