Except Tenzin Tsundue, 13 Tibetan Activists Released from Prison

From the 14 Tibetan activists arrested by the Indian police ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit, 13 of them have been released on Tuesday. However, Tibetan poet and activist Tenzin Tsundue has not yet been released with them as his bail papers have not yet reached the prison officials according to the sources.

14 Tibetan activists including the well known Tibetan poet Tenzin Tsundue were detained at the Central Prion, Puzhal in Chennai for planning to demonstrate against the Chinese President Xi Jinping in Mamallapuram last week. The bilateral meet between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi was marked by many arrests of Tibetans.

“Thirteen of the 14 Tibetan activists who were arrested ahead of the Chinese President’s visit to the city were released from Central Prison, Puzhal, on Tuesday. According to prison sources, Tenzin Tsundue, an award-winning poet and writer was not released as his bail paper had not reached prison officials. ” said the report in The Hindu.

The official Facebook page of Tibetan Youth Congress published the news of the release of all 13 Tibetan activists locked at the Puzhal Central Jail, expect Tenzin Tsundue. Among the 13 Tibetans are the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress, President of Students for a Free Tibet and other members of Tibetan activist groups based in Dharamshala.

Tenzin Tsundue was arrested at Kottakuppam in Villuppuram ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Mamallapuram. According to the reports, he was carrying ‘Free Tibet’ materials and pamphlets. He was sent to Central Prison, Puzhal following orders of a magistrate in Villupuram district and has been locked there since.

Arrests of the other Tibetan activists followed then. Tenzin Norbu, an English professor at a city college was too arrested on the next day. Altogether there are 14 Tibetans locked at the Puzhal Central Jail as per the order of the District Magistrate owing to the foreign national status of the activists. According to the officials, Tenzin Tsundue will be released soon.

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