Five Facts that shame the Tragic Nepal Earthquake

25th April, 2015 was the day that shook the tranquility of normal livelihood of the Himalayan nations with an inevitable 7.9 pitcher scale magnitude earth quake. The whole affected region lying along the ranges of the Himalayas having based on feeble infrastructures was an easy target for the aggressive vibrations of the earth.  The death toll rose upto 10,000 within the first week from the time of occurrence of the quake in Nepal alone and the toll is expected to climb much higher at the end of the whole process of search and rescue carried out from different teams deployed by many countries that came up for help. However, there are various things to hear about the post disaster operations which sounds like adding fuel to the injury.

1. Nepal was never ready for such a scale of disaster

When the devastating earthquake struck with epicentre just so close to the capital Kathmandu, the destruction did not cease to just a little bit of trouble but it left thousands of people dead, separated and shattered from their livelihood. Estimates are that there about 130,000 families rendered homeless and the Nepalese government is without any consolidated plans to recover from this shocked disaster. Primarily, it is to be blamed for the poor infrastructure, unstable government of the country while at the same time dedication from their leaders is in the question.

2. India or China can make stronger influence now?

The efforts being carried out by the deployed teams from both the countries in Nepal are carrying out wonderful jobs providing efficient search and rescue operations in the worst hit parts of the country. However, there has been serious confusions in the minds of the most people around the world that these two neighbouring giants of Nepal are competing for stronger influence in the country.

3. Relief aids held up at the customs in Nepal

It must be first of such cases that the relief aids coming from various sources to serve the urgent need of the disaster hit people of Nepal, the aids are being held up at the customs instead of distributing the aids to the people as soon as possible. When there are thousands of people are rendered homeless, hungry and ill, the local officials still have time to go through the unnecessary process as customs and not care about the urgency over the need for immediate distribution of the relief aids.

4. The local people lacks faith in their government officials

The people of the country from across the country have been venting off their anger over their government officials who went of totally silent after disaster hit the country. People starting sharing pictures of their leaders over the social medias proposing to kill them if they were seen alive. There has also been news of local people attacking the officials in some parts of the country.

5. Improvising the devastation

Just when most of the people were recollecting what has actually happened and looking up in hope that nothing bad would have happened, there has been many goons and selfish opportunists who started looting the people of the left overs, stealing the relief materials arriving from outside country. This has been such of shame for the people of the Nepal that they were not united in the worst of their times.

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