For Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

In the land of the snows Deep winter
The sun lies hidden in the south 
Beyond the gleaming peaks 
And the moon’s clear face is shrouded by clouds 
Risen out of the east, 
Still, at night 
Secret stars still shed their light, 
Our little beacons in the dark. 
Your star was so bright, Tenzin, 
Their darkness could not bear you. 
We saw you fall, 
A long tail of brightness fading 
Over the peaks and grasslands, 
And our tears fell too. 
In black tents and secret rooms, 
North and south of Chomolungma 
We light small lamps for you, 
And for the others whose lights have gone dark 
For now

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Jane Robinett

I'm a retired professor and I live in San Diego.

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