Fourth JMB Terrorist Linked to Bodhgaya Blast Arrested

The Special Task Force of Kolkata Police have arrested a man allegedly a member of the banned terror group, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) in connection with the Bodh Gaya blast during the Dalai Lama visit to the holy place in the later half of January this year.

“Azhar Hossain (22) is the fourth alleged JMB member to be held in the last one week. Shamserganj police said a large cache of ammunition and IED explosives was recovered from his possession.” said the report in the Hindustan Times Monday.

According to the report, prior to Hossdain’s arrest, Paigambar Sheikh (24) and Jamirul Sheikh (31) were arrested from Murshidabad and Siliguri on January 30 in connection with a low-intensity blast at Bodh Gaya last month, and a third man, Shish Mohammad has been held from Shamserganj later.

According to the primary investigation, the four arrested have admitted to have connection with the low-intensity explosion and recovery of two live bombs in Bodh Gaya during the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Though it is being confirmed that the bombs were aimed to avenged the atrocities against the Rohingya muslims in Myanmmar, the arrested terrorist had carried out the bomb plants with the help of local sleeper cells.

There are five suspects in the planting of the bombs in the holy place, though they have not yet been arrested, the police are confident that with the arrest of these four terrorists, they would finally get their hands to the five suspects whose images in the CCTV are clear enough to identify them without mistake.

“Interrogations of the arrested persons have revealed that several modules and sleeper cells of the JMB are now active in Murshidabad and neighbouring districts. They have recruited several youngsters so far,” added the report as a police officer saying.

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