Germany’s Daimler Writes an Apology to China for Ad Quoting Dalai Lama

Germany’s Dailmer AG which owns a large portion of shares in the luxury car brand Mercedes Benz issued a second emphatic apology letter to China for quoting the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader in an ad on Tuesday. The German multinational automotive corporation had already apologized earlier on China’s social media platform Weibo.

The quotation; “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open” from the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama featured on a photo ad of a luxury car shared by the Mercedes Instagram account. Soon the post was deleted by the company and it issued an apology letter in its Chinese social media account as many people from China strongly criticized over it.

In the second apology, Xinhua reported that Daimler had no intention of questioning Beijing’s sovereignty over Tibet and would offer “no support, assistance, aid or help to anyone who intentionally subverts or attempts to subvert China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

“Daimler deeply regrets the hurt and grief that its negligent and insensitive mistake has caused to the Chinese people. Daimler fully and unreservedly recognises the seriousness of the situation, which the company has caused and sincerely apologises for,” the letter reading according to the BBC quoting from Xinhua.

In the recent past, several multinational companies like the Marriott International, ZARA, Delta Air, etc., were also made to apologise for listing Tibet as a separate country and the Chinese government warned against all such multinational companies to review their information for dealing with China. No company disobeyed the directive from the communist government!

According to the Global Times, ‘Dalai Lama group violated the fundamental interests of Tibetans and are unacceptable to the entire Chinese people’, while well known outside China, the Dalai Lama and his immediate Tibetan institution have been advocating against the Chinese atrocities over Tibetans inside Tibet for demanding basic human rights!

When China occupied Tibet in a military coupe in 1959 and declared it as an inseparable part of China, many Tibetans led by then the young Dalai Lama, fled into exile. Since then, China has declared the Nobel Peace laureate and a highly revered leader across the world as a separatist and remains highly sensitive about him while dealing western countries too.

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2 thoughts on “Germany’s Daimler Writes an Apology to China for Ad Quoting Dalai Lama

  • February 8, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    By withdrawing fine advt that quoted Dalai Lama: “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open”, China has confirmed that it is a Big Bully. And Mercedes Benz has bent backward by issuing such sick apology, that many will think twice before buying Mercedes Benz products.

    • February 8, 2018 at 6:02 pm

      Yes, one wonders why an apology is not forthcoming for using the Dalai Lama’s words for a commercial advertisement.


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