Guide on Police Order to Surrender RCs of Tibetans with Voter ID

According to a police order from the office of Superintendent of police (SP), Kangra district, Tibetans in the district were told to surrender their Refugee Certificates if they have obtained the Indian voter IDs from the Elections Commission as it poses some security complications, according to the office.

According to the letter from the SP office, there are around 1000 Tibetan Refugees having registered as voters and exercised their voting rights in the State Assembly Elections with 296 Tibetan refugees having exercised their franchise without surrendering their Refugee Certificates, RCs. It stated that possession of RCs indicate the Tibetans as foreign status whereas the acquisition of Indian voter I card enable them to prove themselves as Indian, creating security implications.

The letter directs those Tibetans to surrender their RCs at this office in one month’s time. “We have received the letter and it has been forwarded to the home and security department of the CTA. It is not in our purview,” the Tibetan settlement officer in Mcleodganj, Mr. Dawa Rinchen told in a report.

According to social media interactiona over the issue, some Tibetans claim that they obtained the Indian voter I cards for travel conveniences and not for the purpose of seeking Indian citizenship. In an informal discussion on social media, Mr. Rinchen guides the Tibetans as follows:

“Unofficially would like to give following tips. To surrender RC at FRO.
1.Prepare a simple application addressing to SP Police.
2.Copy of Voter ID
3.Copy of Adhaar card.
4.Letter from Ward councillor or Pradhan.
5.Original Rc.
Note:- Do not forget to collect receipt when it is done.

 Unofficially would like to give following tips.
To Surrender Voter ID.
1.Collect no 7 form SDM office electoral section and fill the form and get signed from voting area booth leader where you voted.
2.Go and deposit this form no 7 with original voter ID to SDM office electoral section.
Note:- Do not for get to collect receipt. When it is done.”

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2 thoughts on “Guide on Police Order to Surrender RCs of Tibetans with Voter ID

  • February 13, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Which option did Mr Rinchen, the settlement officer choose? It would be a practical guide and advice on doing these steps

  • February 13, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    if Himachal Tibetans can vote and run for elections as Indians, it is dangerous for India, according to Indian Intelligence. Rich Tibetans or influencial Lamas might succeed in gaining vote to become Chief Minister of HP, or other high position. Those Tibetans can be bribed by Beijing, as has happened in the past. And China will slowly take away HP like fronteir states.

    Indian government never fully trusted Dalai Lama or Tibetans. Indian secret service sees rich and powerful tibetans includign dalai lama, karmapa, situ rinpoche, gyalo dhundup, juchen thupten, lithang atar, and so on are highly ‘volatile, mysterious, manupulative’ individuals who might actually be on Beijing’s payroll.
    For India, middle way approach and contact with china from Indian soil is very uncomfortable, with recent incident of Samdhong Rinpoche visiting China with beijing’s approval only adding to the suspicion.


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