Haryana to Frame Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy, Facilities for Tibetan Children

The state of Haryana is going to frame the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy for the refugees. The state has sought approval to provide facilities and benefits to the Tibetan refugee children. The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy framed by the union government of India in 2014 aims to provide sustainable rehabilitation support for Tibetan refugees.

According to the IANS report, the Haryana government has sought the approval to provide facilities and benefits to the Tibetan refugee children. The state education minister said the state authorities will frame the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy in line with the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

“The Haryana government has accorded approval to extend facilities and benefits to children of Tibetan refugees, state Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gujjar said on Thursday.” said the report.

Mr. Pal added that these facilities included admission to the children of Tibetan refugees in government schools, mid-day meal, free textbooks and uniform. For availing the facilities, a Tibetan individual has been residing in India for a minimum period of 182 days or more. The individual or family members of Tibetan refugees should posses the registration certificate issued by the Central Tibetan Relief Committee.

The Center Government of India’s formulated Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy has been adopted by other states of India such as Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttarakhand as requested by the Central Tibetan Administration.

This act makes a clear policy statement about the welfare of the Tibetans in India. Matter concerning land lease, extending Central and States benefits, are also specified. Policy guideline also makes a clear policy statement that Tibetans may be allowed to undertake any economic activity and to that extent, relevant papers/trade license/permit may be issued to them.

The policy also says that Tibetan Refugees may also be permitted to pursue/take jobs in any field for which they are professionally qualified. These could be fields like nursing, teaching, Chartered Accountancy, medicine, engineering etc.

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