Hope China will Accept Dialogue Says Lobsang Sangay

The Tibetan political leader Dr. Lobsang Sangay has told that he hopes China will accept dialogue as the only way to resolve the Tibet issue peacefully. The President of Central Tibetan Administration spoke his optimism for a peaceful resolution while launching the sixtieth year into exile in March 2018.

President Lobsang Sangay despite having spent more than 15 years at the Havard University in United States, after having democratically being selected to lead the Tibetan movement, he said that the financial constraints doesn’t matter in leading the movement for the rights of his brothers and sisters.

“I am getting a salary less than an Indian postman. I am here to lead a movement that campaigns globally for rights of my brothers and sisters, both in exile and Tibet,” said Dr. Lobsang Sangay in the interview.

“In the past six-and-a-half years, I have been to almost all the Tibetan settlements across India, North America and Europe. Our basic purpose is to educate our younger generation — the more skilfully we educate them, the more successfully we will develop strong foundations for the future,” Sangay added.

Dr. Sangay said that he believes in the Middle Way Policy, lauded by the international community as well as many Chinese intellectuals in the the resolution of Tibet issue while he announced the launch of a year long ‘Thank You India’ campaign starting on March 17 from Arunachal Pradesh, marking the sixtieth year of His Holiness the Dalai Lama stepping onto refugee in India.

“I hope China will accept dialogue as the only way to resolve the issue peacefully.” explaining the launch of the ‘Thank you India’ events, “It also marks 60 years of Tibet under China which is a sad and tragic chapter of Tibet’s history. However, the last 60 years of the Tibetan community in exile has also been a story of success,” President Sangay added in the interview.

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