Hopes and wishes if TIBET is free now…

Though the main population of Tibet is still inside Tibet, a large number of Tibetans has been able to escape from the control of the foreign invader, China and see asylum in other democratically free countries like India. It is obvious that the larger population of Tibet residing within the control of China are suffering from various atrocities and discrimination in their homeland. The brutality of human genocide policy in Tibet has rendered them minorities in their own home!

However, a lot of Tibetans have survived the extremely risky escape through the Himalayas and lives in the free nations fighting for the justice and freedom. But with the passage of Time, the life outside Tibet has become an awkwardly long sojourn which led to the change of a generation and still the fight for the country long way to go!

This morning, when I went through the media information, the hot topic weaving through the Tibetan community was that a Tibetan athlete taking part in the London Olympics had won a bronze medal in race game. I was electrified with joy that a Tibetan has also stood shoulder to shoulder at such a stage,

However, then again, there were pouring of comments from Tibetans remarking their disappointments over such a talented citizen representing the rival country; if there was a Tibetan team in the Olympics there might have been many more medals, etc. Though this is simply a wish of a lay man same as us but when I went through the words again, there was the pain and an ever expounding wish hidden in us Tibetans.

Similarly, this midnight, the facebook status of some my friends were congratulating the winners of the DID Lilltle Masters Season 2 winner and the finale team followed by a simple hope and a simple wish to set up a similar platform for the young Tibetan dancing masters! This is where the pain comes out, however long you stay out of your native, however comfortably you are placed in a free foreign world, neither you can become one of them nor you can forget your home!

Every Tibetan has lots and lots of hopes and wishes if Tibet is freed now because most of Tibetans today has never lived or seen a free Tibet.

So is it that the struggle of Tibetan people will go on and on no matter how long it takes and how far it goes.

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