How different is it to be a Tibetan

The Independent country Tibet that used to be in the history is just a story today. There are various evidences of independent of state of Tibet from every angle of history but till now it seems to bother very little towards the stand of the different countries across the world. But it is of human nature and human quality that the Tibetans outside Tibet today are being supported by every country in view of the political condition. So how different it must be in being a Tibetan from rest of the world?

The basic process of livelihood is a necessity and Tibetan people who are outside of Tibet are spread around the world where they are in their own parts playing a role in the struggle of Tibetan freedom. However, it doesn’t stop there,¬†with the blink of the eye more than fifty years has lapsed on since complete occupation of Tibet by China in 1959 and fifty years is a lapse of generation in human society! It is therefore no surprising that Tibetans have built their own home far away from home. Though separated and displaced from families, many young Tibetans who fled into exile from Tibet before 2008 are seeking every resource available for help from every source and have endured quite well. Such a homeless state of many Tibetan youth who has got some family waiting back there in Tibet has neither a home nor a proper family to be called of their own. However, life is ¬†always a challenge and these people have mete out quite well with it.

It is therefore quite different from being a Tibetan today. Life inside Tibet is also not at all well for a Tibetan. There are always reports of the Chinese police shooting out at the peaceful protesters, imprisonment of the Tibetans for following the religious path of H. H. the Dalai Lama or even for just displaying his portrait. This is the very simplest example of life condition of Tibetans inside Tibet. When the Tibetans protest against the Chinese authorities inside Tibet, even if the protests are peaceful, as peaceful as the current protests in HongKong, the participants get crushed violently by the para-military forces while at the same time, all the relatives of the participants get under scan. When more than 130 Tibetans have burned themselves alive to death, you could feel how different it would be of being a Tibetan today.

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