I Am The Most Experienced Sikyong: Dr. Lobsang Sangay

In one of the most recent public talks in campaign for the upcoming Sikyong election, Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay, he said that when speaking about experience, he is the most experienced candidate.

A video record of Lobsang Sangay’s speech in Toronto have circulated on the social network wherein he is seen making strong commitments to the public as the current sikyong and a candidate for the upcoming sikyong election.

In his usual gesture of arms, Lobsang Sangay said “When we talk about experience of the candidates, there are people with twenty to thirty years of experience. However, since the coming election is for the Sikyong post, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay is the most experienced of all.”

“When Tibetans voted for me with full faith in 2011, I have worked hard on my post to best.” He continued. “Even His Holiness has been happy that he has told not to worry at my service. Samdong Rinpoche has also said that my service is going fine.”

Mr. Sangay also said that wherever he visited the public has supported him and thus there is no one other than Lobsang Sangay who has an experience of four and half years at Sikyong post and he said that he is very well prepare for the second tenure of Sikyong post.

This is the link to the video.

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