I can not burn my body with my own hand…

I can not burn my own body with my own hand, neither can you! When reading the stories of the self immolation practices carried out around the world, it seemed unreal as tales of another world. I am sure that the experience had been the same with you too. But when there is an unbelievable truth in front of you, you can not deny! This is the case with me too…

This is the truth that I can not imagine myself having the full conviction to put the spark of fire on my own fueled body to overwhelm into flame alive! This is a truth with everyone born and brought up in a free nation. It is true with anyone having their future in a defined arena to be called as own. Though I don’t have the free nation to live in and an arena of the ancestors to take care of, I still don’t have the strength to come upon the idea self immolation because I have a right claimable to a foreign court and freedom to do whatever I want, unless I don’t disturb the others!

Then from where did these 26 people acquired the strength to overcome the fear of burning one’s own body in Tibet? At least 26 people consisting boys, girls, monks, nuns, men and women have set themselves into fire in Tibet and these aren’t any kind of stories or rumours but a revelation of an actual happening!

The first Tibetan I know about, who burnt himself, is Mr. Thupten Ngodup in the year 1998 in India. This was speculated extremely violent action by some people but to the greatest extend, considered patriotic. This time too, there are many questioning about the practice of self immolation being violent and to them I want to ask if they felt the heat because these 26 Tibetans burnt their own body? This way of protest could have been set in the other way also. These Tibetans could have burnt the opposite sides too because they sacrificed themselves because of the repression pestered upon them. Then there would be violence and actual interference with peace and stability of other beings but it isn’t the case here.

Burning oneself is never a passion and it never will be because I can not burn my body with my own hand and neither can you.

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