In a Bold Move, Google Suspends Support to Leading Chinese Smartphones

In a bold move from the US tech firm, Google, it is suspending support to the leading Chinese smartphones brand according to the breaking news. Amidst the ongoing trade tensions between US and China, the US crackdown on the leading Chinese company is taking a serious toll as Google has announced to stop all interactions with the company.

Leading Chinese tech firm, Huawei has been having a hard time across the world over security concerns from their hardware and software. The Trump administration last week has put Huawei on the US Commerce Department’s trade blacklist, also called ‘entity list’ and it means that American companies cannot have trade ties with it now.

Following this decision, Google has announced that it will be suspending all interactions with Huawei which will mean that they will be losing access to the proprietary hardware and software from Google, and that includes the Android software. This will be providing a hard time for the Huawei and Honor smartphones.

According to the report in News18, the move would strictly mean, “For starters, existing Huawei and Honor branded smartphones will no longer get new Android updates, including security patches, directly from Google. Huawei also loses technical support from Google for Android. Secondly, new phones that Huawei makes will not have Google Play Services, and would therefore lose access to apps such as Maps, Play Store and YouTube.”

The bold move from the US tech giant implies that there is a significant move coming from United States in countering the Chinese influence. Even though Google is banned in China, the US company is actively dealing with various Chinese tech companies, specifically in the field of smartphones.

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