This Teen Danced On A Saudi Street Then Gets Arrested

This teen danced on a Saudi street and then he gets arrested for doing so according to current trending news reports. The video of the teen dancing on a 1990s hit ‘Macarena’ on a street in the Saudi city of Jiddah went viral. The teen was arrested by the Saudi authorities on Tuesday on charges of disrupting the traffic and violation of public morality.

” A 14-year-old is seen in a video dancing to the 1990s hit “Macarena” in the middle of a street in the Saudi city of Jiddah. He’s wearing black headphones, a striped shirt, Nike shorts, baby blue crocs – and a wide, happy smile. The video has gone viral.” said the report in NDTV.

“On Tuesday, Saudi authorities arrested the teen. His crime, according to Col. Atti bin Attia Al-Qurashi, a police spokesman, is that the dancing was “a disruption of traffic and violation of public morality,” the government-linked Sabq news site reported.” added the report.

The incident drew up mixed reactions from the public as some people accused him as a ‘discourteous’, spoiled kid and urged to punish him, others hailed him as hero for spreading joy.

Here is the video for you to enjoy…

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