India Grants One Year Multi Entry Visa To Tibetan IC Holders To Ease Foreign Travel

The Government of India has granted one year multi entry visa to Tibetan IC holders to ease their foreign travels at the request of the Central Tibetan Administration as announced today. Tibetans holding IC have been facing issues of humiliation and unnecessary hassles while traveling abroad and entry/return visa is one of them.

“As per the request of CTA, Government of India has decided to grant one year multi entry India visa to Tibetan Identity Certificate (IC) holders.¬†IC holders Tibetans may apply for one year multi entry visa at all the Indian embassy/consulates in the US and Canada.” announced the office of Tibet, New Delhi yesterday.

According to the officials, this special provision from the government of India will extensively ease the process of Tibetans traveling to foreign countries on Identity Certificate, a travel document provided by India to the Tibetan refugees. The one year period of multiple entry against the maximum of three months period provided earlier is applicable to all Tibetan IC holders who can furnished a supporting letter from the Central Tibetan Administration.

However, the government of India has not yet answered to the request of removing the requirement of an exit permit from the Superintendent of Police’s office of one’s locality after getting a visa to travel abroad. The officials at the office of Tibet, New Delhi hope that India will also comply to this request so that the Tibetan IC holders can travel abroad with ease and dignity.

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