India Could Have Prevented China From Taking Over Tibet

In an article from Dr. Rajaram NS for India Facts┬átitled as “Nehru and the China-Tibet blunder explains about how Tibet could have been prevented from invasion by the Chinese in the 1950s. The article explains that India was in a very strong position during start of the invasion to defend the interest of Tibet and India’s security just for the sake of pleasing the Chinese leadership. It explains “It is not widely known that in 1950, China could have been prevented from taking over Tibet.”

There were two strongly implicative events that occurred during that period in which one was the invasion of Tibet and the other was the interference of Chinese in Korean war. Though India had no stake in the far Korea, it had its national security at stake in Tibet’s invasion but the Nehru-led India Ignored it.

Sardar Patel had spoken strongly of the intentions of the Chinese and the threats that India was accepting by allowing the invasion of Tibet. The article interestingly explains how India was in a position to prevent the Chinese invasion of Tibet. The article shared an excerpt of an article from the The Economist journal then that says “Having maintained complete independence of China since 1912, Tibet has a strong to be regarded as an independent state. But it is for India to take lead in this matter. If India decides to support independence of Tibet as a buffer state between itself and China, Britain and USA will do well to extend formal diplomatic recognition to it.”. This was the western ideology of the situation during that period.

This article is of a great interest to the participation of the international communities while Tibet which was a land of backward people in the field of science and technology was brutally annexed by China which had achieved certain levels of developments in those fields.

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