India Illicitly Occupied Arunachal Pradesh Says China

India illicitly occupied Arunachal Pradesh says China in the on going war of words between the two Asian giants. Following the bold statements issued by Indian ministers against China, it has struck back with more serious claims against India, claiming a large part of India as their region occupied by India.

“New Delhi not only allowed the 14th Dalai Lama to visit Southern Tibet, a historical Chinese territory India has illicitly occupied and refers to as ‘Arunachal Pradesh’, but the spiritual leader of ‘Tibetan independence’ was also escorted on the trip by India’s junior minister of home affairs,” the state-run China Daily said in its editorial.

With the Dalai Lama visiting the North East state of India despite China’s opposition, China has vowed of consequences.  While the Dalai Lama currently in the state for his nine day visit to the state, China said that India has damaged the interests of China and fueled tensions between the two giant nations.

The editorial piece of China mouth piece further added that the ‘Southern Tibet’ which they refer for Arunachal Pradesh was stolen from China by India’s former colonial master by taking advantage of China’s internal strife.

Recently, India’s increasing indulgence with Tibet’s Dalai Lama has been seriously criticized by China. His Holiness was invited to inaugurate the first International Buddhist Conference at Nalanda University, the event was also attended by Indian government officials and the president of India also took part in that event.

The boldest statements coming from India happens with Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs asking China not to interfere with the internal matters of India when China opposed the Dalai Lama visit to the state. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu hailing from Tawang itself said that India shares border with Tibet, not China!

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