iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus S review

The iphone 6S comes with same external design as the predecessor iPhone 6 but it comes with better specs that boosts its performance. Externally the new phone has nothing to offer anything new other than addition of a new colour option i.e., pink. The new iPhone, which is an S model, offers with more power of performance while at the same time it finally brought about the  long awaited camera upgrade. The rear camera now come with a 12MP sensor capable of 4K video recording and 1080p at 120fps and the selfie camera is a brand new 5MP too.

Apple’s iPhone heralded for the arrival of capacitive displays and multi-touch technology since the first iPhone. The iPhone 6S is the first to have 3D touch – a screen technology that recognizes different levels of pressure for an extra dimension of interaction with a device. 3D Touch is a major innovation and an extensive development. There are 96 embedded sensors below the screen that measure the flexion of the glass at the very least scale to determine pressure.

It’s a 64-bit architecture of the micro processor embedded and it means better efficiency with the phone when opening and closing apps. Besides the home button now hosts a refined touch ID sensor which is now extremely quick in recognition of the fingerprint. It just unlocks the phone on just a tap!

The new 3D Touch, upgraded camera and improved speeds really offer tangible benefits, and combined with a solid upgrade to iOS 9 and the impressive build, Apple’s made a very decent phone.

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