Leading Hotel Chain Listed Tibet As A Country, Chinese Issue Boycott Threat

A leading hotel chain has been forced to issue an apology statement after Chinese netizens issued boycott threats for listing Tibet along with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as countries in a survey it distributed with their members. The international leading hotel chain was forced to take the survey form down after the netizens campaigned against it.

Marriott International in a questionnaire survey sent via email to its premium members to collect their feedback of its services had an option to choose their country and the list included the Chinese mainland, China’s Tibet, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Chinese netizens began to protest agains the questionnaire format immediately.

According to the Global Times, netizens had complained about the company listing Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan without adding regions, and “now they are going too far by listing Tibet as a country!”. The posts calling against Marriott international was noticed supported by many Chinese netizens calling for boycott of the leading hotel chain.

“Marriot International, a US-based hotel corporation apologized on Tuesday for making a mistake by listing Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Tibet as nations in a questionnaire issued to customers.” said the report in the China Daily.

Chinese posted on their social media that the Hotel Chain can not earn money on the one hand and hurt the sentiments of the people on the other.

“We have suspended the questionnaire and will revise the options in it in a timely manner. We feel deeply sorry for any convenience caused by the incident,” Marriott wrote on their social media while apologising for the incident called it a mistake.

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