Life in Exile

Exile refers to an enforced expulsion from one’s native country either by one’s own will or by someone else due any political or social instability. So is the case with the Tibetan people. Tibet has been claimed to be a part of China by Chinese which the Tibetans do not accept with the perfect reasons of unique national identity. There is no enough evidence from the part of Chinese government to convince the world of their claim over Tibet but with the forced statements against the Tibetan fight for the Tibetan nationality formed from mistakes in regard with a third person’s own national stake like the honorable Jawaharlal Nehru are though well known lies, which can not last any longer with time. However, the situation now is carried on by such wind of absolute force of control in disregard to all national and international laws, humanitarian norms and hence, this rendered a large number of Tibetans homeless and desolate in the diaspora of foreign world.

I was born very much later after the formation of the Tibetan exile community and I was too born in Tibet under a larger controlling government, arrived several decades ago. Though the histories are just stories, they can still create a huge difference to the present life and that is what made the Tibetans abandoned from each other. Though the true history of the two nations, Tibet and China share a distinct relationship that would be between any two countries, Tibet however became a victim of a conquest at a time of economic boom. May be it was in the fate of the Tibetan people to face this brutal repression but it is obvious that this will not last for ever. The opportunity that the weak Tibetan nation presented for colonialism not so long after the end of colonialism from the European powers, the opportunist Chinese regime under the leadership of Mao ventured into the forbidden world of Tibet knowing the opportunity as well as the difficulties onward. However hard it might had been for the communist army then, they were extremely benefited by the situation of Tibet at that time; with the lack of consolidated national framework of government throughout the whole stretch of Tibet and incompetent defense network as well as strategical office of government to take the responsible too. The too sensitive nature of Tibetan culture and traditions too came extremely handy for the invaders then. The state of being of Tibetan country, almost cut out from other parts of the world became the main course of this conquest of power.

The outcome is clearly visible today. With His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama fleeing to India for exile, a new turn for the fight back was born. A large number of Tibetans also started taking it to exile after His Holiness and a new world of exile life was born after 1959. The fight against the giant China over the return of Tibetan People’s authority never came handy despite the strong support from various governments and other influences across the world. So the exile society kept growing on and on…

Today, it is the year of 2013, about 54 years past the first arrival of Tibetans to exile with no clear sight to how long it is going to last! Many people have merged their bodies into the earth with their larger family members still longing for a reunion out there in Tibet. While there are also a very large number of Tibetans who are born outside Tibet with the eligibility for a citizenship of the country there. But there is the dilemma with oneself there, how can you accept that citizenship? The bones and the flesh are of pure Tibetan person but with a document describing someone else! And then there are people like me in the exile community, not belonging to a proper family in the sight, yet always need to go on with the same situation; no place to return home in the end of the day, no family members to live along with every passage of day and week, no proper community to survive in so comfortably! This is the life in exile.

There is a world around with people in the race for achievements of their personal goals with perfect identity but the Tibetans are still fighting on with their common goal of returning to a free Tibet. With no proper identity and entitled rights, the personal dreams and goals of a Tibetan kid has so commonly remained the same throughout their life! I can’t agree with the reasons like incompetency of Tibetans in achieving their goals because we are as much human as any other people around us in this foreign world here. Only the difference is that they have a society passed on from generations, a family to grow with so freely and closely, a nation in which you can live to become the president of it!

Human emotions are to a great extend instinct and however strong you are able to tame your mind over your emotions, it is hardly in your control!

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