Liu Xiaobao’s Wife Called Tsering Woeser

Liu Xiaobao’s wife called Tsering Woeser said the social media posts of the Tibetan writer according South China Morning Post. Liu Xiao, the wife of China’s jailed Nobel Peace laureate gave a surprise called to the Tibetan writer based in Beijing.

“Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser said she has received a phone call from Liu Xia, the wife of jailed Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo. The writer posted on social media that she was shocked to receive the phone call on Wednesday.” said the report in the SCMP.

“She said she was just trying to make a phone call, to see if she could make it,” Woeser said. “I told her that I saw pictures of her having meals with friends and thought she was better now.”

“And she said that she was just a sick person pretending to be in good shape.”

According to the report, the Chinese intellect during the phone called said “I am Liu Xia” twice. The Tibetan writer said that she would try calling her in the future.

Liu Xia has been placed under house arrested by the Chinese government after she came back from meeting her Nobel Peace Prize winning husband. Under house arrest, her mobile number was also deactivated.

Liu Xia was placed under house arrest even though she was not accused of any wrongdoing. Few years ago, while speaking to a press, Liu Xia compared her situation to a Kafka story, saying she was living in an “absurd place” according to the report. Due to this condition, it is said that she is suspected of suffering from severe depression.

Award-winning Tibetan writer and poet Woeser was born in 1966 in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, where her father was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army. Woeser’s notable word, ‘Notes on Tibet’ banned by the government in 2013. Woeser has been in the strict surveillance of the Chinese government who constantly puts the writer under house arrest in Beijing.

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